The fun and natural way to reduce snoring and sleep better.

Soundly is a clinically tested therapy that reduces snoring. Simply play our voice-controlled game to strengthen and tone your upper-airway and reduce the tissue vibrations that cause snoring.

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Why Soundly?

  • Clinically tested and developed by sleep doctors and researchers

  • Video instructions to get the most out of your therapy

  • Multiple worlds to explore

  • Numerous characters to unlock to keep you motivated

  • Sleep better and snore less in just 5 minutes a day

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Push-ups for your tongue!

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Soundly works by addressing the root cause of snoring: a weak upper airway. With our unique vocalization exercises, you control characters on the screen and exercise your airway at the same time. It's like doing push-ups for your tongue!


Karen J.

"Soundly has created a simple app to help strengthen my throat muscles. Using it has contributed to blessing how much I snore. It's quick, fund & I sleep more Soundly!"


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