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Soundly FAQ

How long do I have to play Soundly to reduce my snoring? 

The Soundly therapy is effectively a physical therapy for your upper airway. Like other physical therapy programs it takes about 6-12 weeks to see  progress. 

How often do I have to keep doing Soundly after the 6 week program?

Results will vary based on the individual. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to see reductions in snoring. Then we recommend continuing to use Soundly on a daily basis. Generally, like other physical therapies there is at least a maintenance level of two days a week to keep the muscles strong and toned. 

Does Soundly work for everyone?

No, snoring is a very complex physiological event. Soundly focuses on reducing tongue and soft palate snoring and does not address nasal snoring. Also, like other physical therapies individuals will respond differently. Some will see no or minor changes while others will see dramatic changes. 

How do I track my snoring?

There a lot of great snoring and sleep tracking apps/devices in the market. We recommend SleepScore Max.  

Does Soundly treat Sleep Apnea. 

Sleep apnea is a medical condition and Soundly is not FDA approved to treat sleep apnea. We are conducting this study to understand if gamified myofunctional therapy can reduce snoring and sleep apnea in a real world context. 

Is the Soundly Research Study free?


How are you able to make Soundly free?

We received a grant from the US National Institute for Health to study digitizing myofunctional therapy that developed the base code that we are now using. With a working code base it fairly inexpensive to make the study available to a wider audience. 

Is the study reviewed by an IRB board?

Our study is under review by the IRB and will be approved shortly. Once approved we will make the IRB information available here.

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